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Slaveboy used like piece of meat

femdom anal fucking

Two redhead mistresses in a femdom feast. Poor slaveboy Daniel was invited too but he was what was on the menu! If being tied in rope bondage and being forced to lick his mistress pussy wasnt enough, Daniels ass also was plundered and feet whipped. We all know he secretly loved the taste of her pussy because he lapped it up like a good boy. While Isis isnt a fulltime dominatrix, she showed that she has good mean streak, pulling the pins that were attached to his rose red skin to make sure he didnt enjoy it too much.

Dont worry they did reward him for his good work by allowing him to get them off. You got to keep the slaves motivated. Theres alot more to this video but you are just going to have to check it out and form your own opinion.

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Busty hot Mistress is feeling especially cruel today

She is going to wipe his smirk off his face with a good ole fashioned cbt (cock & ball torture) and pegging femdom session. She gets his pulse racing, and blood flowing with standing bondage domination before hogtying the much larger male specimen and whipping out a huge purple strapon and proceeding to pound his tight hairy asshole without mercy. If you thought that was the end of it you were wrong. The Mistress understands that some subs need much more to be taken to their limits and pushed past them.

All I can say about the CBT session is you have to see it. It gets intense, especially after his package is clamped down and is teased with wet pussy, and denied gratification.

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Cruel German Mistress fucks her male slave with a strapon cock

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She had to teach her bitch boy of a husband a lesson. Of course he wanted to apologize and do whatever she said to make her happy again. That included submitting to her bondage session. He was sure that would win her approval and be enough to satisfy her. Turns out he really didnt know how far she would go, because she had something alot more sinister in mind. Soon his lack manhood would be exposed, as she forced a huge strapon up his ass, jammed his head on a bigger cock and made him a cuck before it was all said and done.

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Young sub ass fucking

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Returning with a tribute only gets his best efforts ground into the dirt of the Armory’s lowest basement floor with his Mistress tight red boot. Young guy learns a hard lesson in fortitude, service and pain at the hands of this truly cruel and beautiful slave trainer, Blonde German Mistress. Trying to use petty gifts to please her gets him no where, and only lengthens the much needed training session this boy should endure.

It is clear that this boy has been broken in before but is in need of reminders of how to properly serve his Mistress. Dont worry Blonde German Mistress knows exactly what to do, and after whipping his ass rose red turns on the prod for painful electro shock reinforcement. She does reward him by allowing him to clean her pussy with his mouth, but he was enjoying that too much for her liking, maybe he forgot he there for her pleasure not his own? Her strapon will take care of that for him…

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Man dominated and fucked with strapon

Im sure you heard the old saying “the bigger they are…the harder they fall”. Or should it be the bigger they are the easier they are dominated by a much smaller woman in femdom? Muscular slave boy towers over his Blonde Mistress . That will not deter her from achieving her goals: turn this big man into a sissy, beat his ass into proper servitude, castrate and control his cock and balls in rope torture, and use his best asset (his body) as a tool in pleasuring herself.

Blonde Mistress isnt the cruelest domme we have seen but her methods are very effective, and her slaves are very happy to serve her. I guess it all depends on the needs vs the wants of each person in a femdom relationship. Aiden beats the shit out of man until he turns rose red from the caning and whips and then uses her strapon to pound this big man into submission. She gets what she wants from him, even if it means she needs to stand on a box to fuck his ass!

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